5 Style Resolutions To Guarantee You a Better Look

This is one of my favorite posts to write and talk about all year! I have spent my life going through so many revolutions in my personal style, beauty, image, and overall look! In my teens all I cared about was being cool, shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch, and constantly failing at being popular. In my 20’s I was following the pack and doing what I needed to stay in the game and look as good as the girl next me, especially if I was trying to find a date. In my 30’s I finally slowed down, discovered what’s best for me and how to live my life as my best self. Now as I approach 40 I’ve found the voice to share my best advice on how you can get to the confident look you want, and how you can be empowered in your style!

Let’s dig into the best style and beauty resolutions I have tried, and that have have successfully delivered me a more styled and more confident self!

1. Get a good haircut, and maintain it!

When I was younger all my haircuts consisted of what I saw on other people, people who I thought were beautiful and who I wanted to look like. My most memorable haircut was after I saw the movie Sweet Home Alabama, I ran out to get the edgy bob Reese Witherspoon’s character rocked. Anyone else? I’m sure the haircut was fine, and I am sure I received many compliments on it because other girls had seen the movie and knew exactly what I was going for. And they probably wanted it too! Did I care about the texture of my hair, the shape of my face, if I could style it perfectly everyday, or if that haircut was actually good for me. Spoiler alert, no! Now I won’t spend anything less than $50 dollars on a haircut, and I’ve been known to spend double that. I want to see a stylist that actually shapes my hair, add texture, and give me a style that makes me look good with little effort. If you have a bad haircut it can ruin anything else you are doing with your personal style!

2. Fix your dang nails!

Chipped polish and jagged nails are only appropriate on small children. Having unmanicured nails can take away from the put together, confident, and empowered look you are trying to achieve. I remember weekends filled with leisurely brunches followed by a fun appointment at the nail salon with my besties. Not only did I have so much of this disposable time in my 20’s, I also had a lot more disposable cash! Now I have a mortgage, a small business to keep afloat, and two small children who demand a lot of my time. Not so easy to find the room in the budget and schedule for those lazy Saturdays these days. Whelp, not an excuse. Guess what, I almost never actually have polish on my nails. All I’m aiming for these days is keeping them trim and looking clean! If you do decide to put a little color in your game, just be sure to maintain it or at least take it off when it starts to go south!

3. Wear colors that compliment you!

If you could see pictures of a younger me... I was so tan and so blonde it was as if I was a living cartoon of my self! If any of my girlfriends are reading this I know you are laughing out loud thinking about those days! Being this tan and blonde meant that I loved wearing neons and bright tones to show off my bronzed look. Gross. Nothing about the color of me or the colors I was wearing were complimentary to my personal look or style. Now I know if I have to put on more bronzer, eyeliner, or make up in general the color I am wearing is not right for me. Finding the right colors to wear makes such an impact on walking out the door feeling beautiful and confident. Trust me, look in your closet and find the shirt that you feel the best in, your go-to top. I can bet that is also a shirt that when you wear it you get the most compliments, that’s because it’s a color that brightens your complexion and makes you glow naturally! Find your colors in clothes and make up this year ladies.

4. Wear clothes that fit!

I think you get the picture by now. When I was younger, and most likely when you were younger too, a lot of decisions were made in vain. This topic is no different. Hoping I would be a smaller size in a month, thinking if it fit loose I would look fat, or wearing cuts that made me more attractive to the opposite sex. None of those reasons are good reasons when making a judgement call on what size apparel to buy or wear! I have too many memories of wearing clothes that were uncomfortable and pulling on them all day/night. I also have recollections of pieces hanging in my closet unworn because I never did lose those 5 pounds. Now I don’t care what the tag says, and frankly I never ask my husband what he thinks of something I’m wearing. I know I am choosing clothes that fit me right and look good, so I feel good too! I’ve been every size between an 8 and 22W, forget about whatever vanity you have and wear clothes that fit YOU well.

5. Complete the Wardrobe Essentials Checklist

I talk about this ALL, THE, TIME. I’m not stopping now. The number one frustration I hear from clients is that they have a closet full of clothes but feel like they have nothing to wear. If this is something you hear your self saying I know what the problem is, you don’t have the right clothes. The Wardrobe Essentials Checklist walks you through the basics that every woman should have in her closet. From tees and knits, to denim and pants, dresses and more this is the list you need to make your wardrobe more productive, versatile, and easy to style! The WEC is the number one tool my clients love and sing praises about. They always give feedback on how the WEC has helped them create outfits they love while sprinkling in a few ‘bonus buys’. You need these foundational pieces to get anywhere in your personal style! The best news is you don’t have to be a client to access this tool, you can have it for free right now! Just click here to download today.