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What I learned from trying on 18 swimsuits in 1 day!

I tried on 18 swimsuits in 1 day at a local swim boutique. It was fun to be on the inside of the fitting room rather than the outside this time. Here’s what I learned about shopping for swimwear as 39 year old mother of 2!

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More Thrift Shopping, and More Post-Partum

Meet Corissa! Corissa is another fabulous mom who found Fashion Fix on Instagram and immediately connected with my casual and relatable approach to shopping and style. We visited the Goodwill together and updated her summer wardrobe with great pieces!

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When To Invest In You and Your Wardrobe

Investing in things that give you the capacity to be your best self and live your best life is priceless. Read how one woman made the decision to make an invest and how it changed her mindset!

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