When To Invest In You and Your Wardrobe

I don’t believe in treating yourself, I believe in investing in yourself. When you have the mindset of investing you make long term, logical, and life changing decisions. This mindset doesn’t only encompass material goods, this is a philosophy that should be applied to time and energy too! Some women invest in getting their house cleaned one a week, some women invest in a personal trainer or gym membership, some women invest in childcare, some women invest in beauty routines. The list is endless! Investing in things that give you the capacity to be your best self and live your best life is priceless.

Meet Lyn. Lyn knew this past summer it was time for her to make an investment. She knew that in order to be her best and most confident self she needed to invest in getting help before she headed on a trip to Chicago for the weekend. Lyn’s husband was being honored with a lifetime achievement award, and this meant a black tie dinner along with other social events throughout the weekend. She wanted to engage with friends and peers and not worry about what she was wearing. She wanted to step into every interaction looking good and feeling great! She invested in a personal shopping appointment with Fashion Fix.

From there it was magic. She had every outfit she needed to feel empowered and confident in every situation she would find her self in that weekend. Her words will do more justice in describing the effect investing in herself made!

“Recently, I found out that I was going to be going to be accompanying my husband to Chicago

where he was being presented a Lifetime Achievement Award. I panicked because I am not

feeling comfortable the weight I am, the dress size I want to be and also because I don’t even

know what is in style or what looks good on me.

I was desperate and mentioned that to a friend. She told me about Fashion Fix. I emailed

Lindsey and from the beginning in both our emails and phone conversations back and forth, I

felt comfortable with her and confident that she could help me. There was no body shaming

when I shared my size. She reassured me that she would be able to pick out clothes that would

make me feel beautiful.

Fast forward to the day that I met with Lindsey. I was so nervous, I considered canceling, but

didn’t. I met Lindsey in the MOA. She made me feel at ease immediately! Lindsey had gone to

three stores before our appointment and pulled outfits that she thought would look good on

me. I was absolutely stunned at her expertise! She pulled outfits that I would probably not

have considered, and they looked great on me! She has an amazing style sense and knowledge

of style. Another advantage of her service is that Lindsey educates her clients about style,

shape, fit, etc. I didn’t expect her to teach me how to dress, but rather expected her to just

dress me. Lindsey explained in great detail what I should be looking for in any outfit, jewelry,

shoes and purses. That was such a bonus!

If you are considering using Fashion Fix, please don’t hesitate and just call Lindsey. The

experience was amazing, and it will be the best money you will spend to feel great in your body.

To find out more about styling and shopping services visit the Fashion Fix shop here!