How To Tidy Up Your Closet

My mission is to empower women and build confidence through a productive and styled wardrobe! One of the key steps in having the look you want is to get rid of the pieces that don't deliver it. When you have clothes in your closet that aren’t right for you, you’ll feel defeated before you’ve even started! I’ve worked with 100’s of women who stare at a closet full of clothes and still feel like they have nothing to wear. The reason is they have the wrong clothes. I want to fix that!

Editing your closet can be overwhelming and emotional, I get it! This guide will take you through easy steps in conquering the task and help you to create a wardrobe that delivers the look and confidence you want!

Step 1

Get Rid Of What Doesn’t Fit

Have you ever worn a shirt and all through out the day you pull and tug at it because it’s too small or doesn’t fit right? Have you ever worn a pair of pants or jeans and by the end of the day you can barely breathe because they are too small or don’t fit? Have you ever worn something and all day felt frumpy and dumpy because it was too big or didn’t fit? Getting rid of clothes that simply don’t fit and don’t look good on you is the first step. I know we all think we are going to lose that last 5 pounds, I’m in that camp! However, if it doesn’t fit right now it can’t be in your closet right now. All of my ‘in-5-more-pounds’ clothes are neatly stored in a bin in the basement waiting for me. Clothes that fit me right now and make me feel good are ready for me in my closet!

Step 2

Categorize Your Wardrobe

How can you get rid of clothes that you don’t even know you have? Step two is about taking inventory of what you have too much of and dwindling it down. There are only so many pairs of jeans and black pants that a woman can wear in her life. This is simply about the numbers, do the math and figure out what categories of clothing and accessories can stand to be thinned out. If there is anything that counts up to the double digits, it’s probably a great idea to start there! [An itemized list of categories to sort your wardrobe into can be found in the complete How to Edit Your Wardrobe Guide here.]

Step 3

Get Rid Of What’s Outdated and Overworn

Here is where you get up close and personal with everything in your closet. If you find something that you haven’t worn in over year ask yourself why. Do you not like the pattern, color, or details anymore? Is the garment pilling, ripped, stretched out, shrunk, have a broken zipper, etc. Take the time to figure out what pieces have seen their day and need to move on, or is there something that you can repair your self or pay someone to fix? Don’t get too sad.. If you come across something that is overworn but you love it, you can always replace it!

Step 4

Use The Right Tools

It’s time to put everything back in its home. Yikes, how do you do that? Take a look and figure out if you need to add more shelves, drawers, or hanging space. It’s important that you create a functional and intentional space for your clothes and accessories. Make sure you are hanging the right stuff and folding the right stuff to maximize your space. [A suggested hang v. fold list is available in the complete How To Edit Your Wardrobe Guide here.] Walking into a clean and organized closet will start your day off on a better note, and will also help you to see yourself and your clothes with more value!