Meet Jennafer - A Goodwill Shopping Appointment

I never get sick of these pictures, do you? Each client is so unique and every time I take a client shopping I find new and different pieces to deliver the look they want. It never gets old, it’s always fun, and there’s the thrill of the hunt each trip.

Today it’s Jennafer’s turn to shine. She is a fabulous mom who needed help navigating what fits her body best after pregnancy. Post-partum life has struggles, wearing clothes that don’t feel good or fit right shouldn’t be one of them. We met at the Goodwill to find the right pieces that would not only make her look good but feel good too. She walked out of that store with confidence knowing we got her styles that would add value and productivity to her wardrobe.

We found her some capsule pieces for her summer look and few cute dresses to wear to some upcoming weddings. When we finished our appointment I know Jennafer was feeling her best self and was going to live her best life this summer. You can see the joy and excitement radiating from her smile!

I know, after seeing the glow on her face you are thinking “How can I book a personal shopping appointment at the Goodwill?”

Here’s the link my friends. You can find all the information you need to get great looks at better prices!

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