Cynthia Courtney, Second Debut

Lindsey has a strong retail background that she has continued to transition to styling women and positioning their clothing to make them feel empowered through a productive and styled wardrobe.  She is an excellent presenter, is always on time and always sticks around to answer individual questions and assist with clothing/accessory selections.  Lindsey has worked with Second Debut on numerous occasions from being a stylist on a Saturday (all day) with 45 minute to 1 hour appointments, complimentary to our customers. She is also doing a workshop series for us for the first  three months of the year.  Her strengths are numerous … but Second Debut has been very impressed with her creativity with flyers to advertise in store and through her own social media avenues … as well as her sincerity in meeting and interacting with our customers.  She also thinks on her feet as one time, we were rather short on attendees for a workshop…so she shifted the swag bags to a 10% discounted event…and even conducted another workshop at 2pm. And, this is on a volunteer basis because of our non-profit status.  Lindsey Kuhn is a dedicated professional that Second Debut can highly recommend.

- Cynthia Courtney, General Manager Second Debut

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