5 Things in Your Closet You Need to Get Rid of

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…And Why They’re Killing Your Style

If I were to create a list of FAQ's clients ask me during an In-Home Consultation this one would be right at the top; "Should I keep this or get rid of it?" I typically ask my clients a short series of questions back to help filter down the answer to a yes or no. We journey together through their closet figuring out what they should keep, what they should get rid of and what they need to start wearing differently.

I see the same offenses happening not only in my clients' closets, but in my closet as well! We all hang on to things in our wardrobes that we should have said goodbye to long ago. For one reason or another we drag our feet on parting with certain pieces that are killing our style simply by just being in our closet! When said garments are stilling hanging on that rack or folded in that drawer every time we see them we are defeated before we've started!

If you're having a hard time editing down your wardrobe here is a short list of things you can ditch today with no regret! 

Cheers - Lindsey


Maternity Clothes

Trust me, I get it! I had 2 babies in two years, just as I was starting to get out of the post-partum funk I found my self pregnant again and my maternity clothes didn't get packed away for A LONG TIME! I was wearing maternity pants till Waylon [my second,] was at least 9 months. There does come a time though when wether you think you're going to have another baby or not those maternity clothes need to get packed up, labeled and stored in the basement. I know they are stretchy, comfortable and everything wonderful but they don't fit anymore and will make you feel frumpy and dumpy! They are killing your style!


Anything That Doesn’t Fit!

Don't get too excited ladies, I'm not just talking about clothes that are too small for you. I have worked with dozens and dozens of clients who are wearing clothes that are TOO BIG for them! Finding the right size and fit is imperative to achieving the styled and confident look you want! It may sound like a no brainer but how many times have you tried something on in the store and loved it but it was too big or too small and the store is out of the next size? What do you typically say to your self next...'I can make it work.' Nope, don't do it anymore! You shouldn't have to make your clothes work, they should work for you! If you're wearing something that doesn't fit right it's killing your style!


Damaged and Overworn Garments!

I'm raising my hand because I am currently an offender of this crime. I can think of a black tank in my closet right now that I LOVE; it's got a muscle tank cut and a split back. So cute right! However it's pilling everywhere, and it's really noticeable! I keep hanging onto it and wearing it and I FEEL SO UNCOMFORTABLE AND EMBARRESSED every time because I am sure people see the overworn damage and are silently thinking 'girl, get a new tank!' Fair strangers, fair. Okay I'm going home to get rid of that thing right now! Seriously there is nothing empowering about wearing clothing that has a stain, rip, tear, or pilling fabric. This is killing your style!


Anything you haven't worn in over a year!

This is a hard one, and I had to take a long pause when thinking about it. I will disclaimer that this does not include special occasion garments, seasonal pieces, and other high level clothing. What this does include is that leather jacket you thought would make you look trendy and you just end up feeling uncomfortable and silly every time you put it on. Not every trend or every look is our look or our style. Maybe you can pull off the leather jacket in a different color, with different details, with a different cut [um.. that's when you want to schedule an appointment with me, I can help you figure those details out.] Whatever the reason is this one is not for you and it's gotta go, you'll feel defeated before you've started every time you see it hanging there! That jacket is killing your style!


Icky Colors!

I talk about finding your colors every now and then, and it's absolutely a topic that comes up regularly with my clients. I do believe that we are all either a winter, spring, summer or fall. When you identify with you best colors your best style will come out! A quick DIY method I coach my clients on in trying to figure what their best colors are is this... If you put on a shirt or layer and you feel like you need more eye makeup or more bronzer to look better in it, that's a red flag. The right colors will naturally complement your skin tone and complexion with very little effort on the makeup end! Get rid of the pieces that make you feel washed out or dowdy when you wear them, that feeling sticks with you all day and kills your style! 

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