5 Things You Need to be a Cute Mom in Fall


One of my favorite things to do is people watch. To observe personalities, characteristics, and elements that create someones look and style! Because I am one, one of the largest groups I observe is moms. I am around moms all the time! I do my best to be a cute mom, as do all of us. I'd say it's about a 50/50 chance I am killing the game in my mom style or totally missing the mark, lol!

When I am feeling totally on trend and in-style it's because I am picking up cues from other cute ladies and finding ways to incorporate those elements and details into how I dress. I find a lot of ideas and inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, and other moms I spend time with. Identifying small effortless ways to increase the wow factor in my look is what makes me good at styling other women! I can break down any outfit to a scientific formula that anyone can replicate!  [It's true, you get those formulas when you have an In-Home Wardrobe Consultation, and I teach them to you when you have a Personal Shopping appointment!]

For fall, here are the small trends I am incorporating into my look for big results!

Cheers - Lindsey


1. Fashion Baseball Cap I die without my go-to baseball cap! Let's get real, washing the hair and styling on the regular does not fit into a busy mom's schedule! I support my local teams as faithfully as the next [go Vikes!], but every once in while we all can stand to up our game with something a little more styled and put together! With a felt or faux suede baseball cap you can create a look with your favorite sweater and jeans that will be a huge upgrade from sweats and a hoodie on those days washing your hair doesn't make the to-do list!

Target Baseball cap [left]
Banana Baseball Cap [right]

2. Vests Yes, vest are still cute and very much in style. However let's get beyond the puffer vest that J.Crew and The North Face made us all fall in love with! Layering with a drapey sweater vest or a cool cargo vest will deliver that Pinterest worthy look we are all are chasing! This is a fantastic layer to pair with stripes, floral, and other cool patterns in our closets! 

Old Navy vest [left]
Walmart vest [right]

3. Booties I hate to break the news but tall boots are on their way out and have been for the past few seasons! A good classic riding boot or a sexy over the knee boot will always be a fabulous capsule piece in your wardrobe. However, over detailed tall boots with too much hardware don't hit the mark like they use to. If you want to elongate your legs and create a slimming look a bootie is your ticket, and if you're like me you can never have enough!

Target bootie [left]
Dsw bootie [right]

4. Frayed Hems I know there are some of you out there who just can't get behind the distressed denim trend, I feel ya! Sometimes I put on a pair of jeans with holes in the knees and I can't help but have traumatic flashbacks to when I was a store manager at American Eagle Outfitters at age 26, and recovering the sales floor till 1am! This detail is a simplified way to feel like you are in on the game but not trying to hard. You can play around finding a look that is right for you by trying a released hem, raw hem, step hem, etc etc.

Nordstrom jeans [left]
Gap jeans  [right]

5. Duster Cardigan I think this is a layer we can all get behind, or into! Trust me you can be 5'9" or on the petite side of life and still rock this look! A cozy long cardigan is the perfect layer to elevate a basic t-shirt to a styled outfit. You can create a complete look by wearing this with your released hem denim and ankle boots for a look that is killing the game this fall!

Target cardigan [left]
Old navy cardigan [right]

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