5 Things You Need To Take Care of Your Clothes

You may have noticed that I have a healthy balance of things in my closet I purchase on a budget, and some things I choose to splurge on. It doesn’t matter how much I spent on something, I still want to take good care of it!

I am a strategic shopper and everything I buy serves a purpose in my wardrobe. Wether it’s an essential piece that I know I’ll wear multiple times every week, or a fun bonus buy that may only make an appearance once a month I am intentional and purposeful when I spend my money. I only want things that add value and productivity to my closet.

To get the longest life out of my clothes there are some best practices I put into place when it comes to caring for them. Here is a list of the top 5 things I use to take care of my clothes so that I can get the maximum life out of them!

Compact Drying Rack

This is the #1 essential you need to get the best wear out of your apparel. I hang dry all my blouses, dresses, and other delicate fabrics. This helps to avoid pilling on knits and destruction of garments!

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Mesh Laundry Bag

This is how I have avoided a dry cleaning bill for about 10 years. You can wash almost any dry clean only garment on delicate cycle in one of these and have no problem. I also use this for bras and camis to avoid the straps getting caught in the agitator. Then of course I hand dry it all on my rack!

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Sweater Shaver

A.K.A Fabric Defuzzer, because you can use this on so much more than a sweater. It’s great for taking care of pilling on sweaters, knits, scarfs, and more!

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Velvet Hangers

I have a small closet, I need all my clothes to fit and not fall off the hanger! Not only do these hangers keep my clothes clean and organized they keep them from getting damaged. There is nothing worse than hanger marks in the shoulder of your favorite shirt!

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Dryer Balls

I am not a fan of dryer sheets for many reason. But I am also not a fan of static or over-drying my clothes. These will help cut down your dry time which in turn helps to preserve your clothes!

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