Thrift Shopping Post-Partum

Meet Bria!

[A Goodwill Personal Shopping Appointment]

Bria is a mom of 2 toddlers, is 6 months post-partum, and ready to revamp her wardrobe. She works full-time in a corporate world with a business casual dress code. After being pregnant, post-partum, and currently breastfeeding she has a new body with new goals when it comes to her style.

Bria reached out shortly after she had purged her wardrobe of pieces that no longer fit her shape or deliver the look she wants. She also was ready to learn what clothes fit her body best, how to wear different colors and patterns, and discover new styles to build her wardrobe with. The Goodwill did not disappoint! The time we spent together in the fitting room gave her the tools and resources she needs to have the the styled and confident look she wants!

In the fitting room we talked about how tops should be cut to fit her curvy shape, how to incorporate small trends into her look that won’t feel overwhelming, how to mix and match color for a well put together look, what patterns best compliment her style, and what details to look for and which to avoid!

She also tried on and loved a perfect maxi skirt, a pair of released hem denim, and a pair of grey wash jeans. [Not photographed.] In total she took home about 12 pieces and only spent $42!!!

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