How to get your wardrobe ready for fall.

It has been said that August is like the Sunday of summer. The pressure is staring to get put on us by marketing and media with back-to-school ads and magazines featuring all the hot new trends for fall. There is a buzz in the air and excitement bubbling to the surface as we think of a fresh start come September 1st. It almost feels like the new year, are you with me? We set out on new routines and schedules with our kids, we have new goals to set up structure for ours days and weeks, and we are ready to create some new looks in our wardrobe that have us layered up and looking cute for fall.

Before you go crazy with all the hype on what the ‘must-have’s’ are and what ‘big trends’ you need to buy, let’s take a deep breath and make sure we are setting ourselves up for success when is comes to shopping for and curating the most productive and styled wardrobe this fall. Here are some quick steps you can take to harness your purchase power and put together a seasonal wardrobe that will actually deliver the confidence and look you want!

  1. Edit, Edit, and Edit some more!

I have seen so many women stand in front of a packed closet and say, “I have nothing to wear?” What, how can you not have a hanger to spare or any more room in your drawers and feel like there is nothing that you can wear that makes you feel comfortable and confident? I’ll tell you what the problem is… it’s not that you don’t have anything to wear, it’s that you have the wrong things to wear! If your closet is filled with pieces that don’t fit right, make you feel drab, or have outdated details you need to get rid of them. If this feels like an overwhelming process and you don’t even know where to start you can download the Wardrobe Editing Guide I created by clicking HERE!

2. Take Inventory

Now that you have purged your self of the things you never wear and don’t want to wear it’s time to take inventory of what’s left. When I hear my clients say that they feel like they wear the same thing all the time, it’s because the buy the same thing all the time. It’s all that they own so it’s what they will always wear! You need to take inventory to see that you already own 5 grey cardigans and you don’t need to buy more this fall. Or, you already have tons of denim that you aren’t wearing enough of and you don’t need to get a new pair even though they are on sale. Here are some categories I suggest organizing your closet into while you’re going through this step.

blog post.jpg

3. Make A List

Before anyone goes shopping my biggest piece of advice is to make a list. You will get nowhere fast if you don’t know what you are looking for. When you don’t have a game plan things get frustrating and go south. You start to feel overwhelmed in the stores not knowing where to start shopping or what you even would want to try on. This is the moment I step in and stop my clients from repeating the same mistakes they have been making. When you feel defeated in the shopping process is when you revert to old habits and start to buy more of what you already have, because it’s what you know and what you feel comfortable in. The problem with that is you will continue to contribute to and create a wardrobe that you are frustrated with, that doesn’t deliver the style you want, and is getting restocked with what I’m guessing you just got rid of in step 1. If you are struggling with finding productivity and versatility in your closet you might not have the right pieces. If you need a starting point you need to download the Wardrobe Essentials Checklist. The essentials are the basics that every woman should have in her closet so that she can mix and match pieces for different looks that carry through different seasons and different days of the week! You can download the essentials list by clicking HERE!

4. Shop Smart

Women want to be able to make quick decisions and make clothing purchases that they will feel confident in and that will add value and productivity to their wardrobe. If you don’t know what makes you feel good and look good when you wear it this can be a hard thing to do. It’s frustrating when you bring something home and the color doesn’t look right on you, or the cut doesn’t flatter your body shape, or the details really don’t fit within your style profile. When we are trying to rebuild or refresh our wardrobes it’s easy to be seduced by something new and different that we think is going to add that pop of personality to our look. I’m here to encourage to you stick with what you know works! I coach my clients to shop the colors they know look best on them, to buy prints that reflect their personal style, and to find garments that have the cut and fabrication that will fit them well. These are some finer points in clothing that don’t fail us often and that we can depend on to deliver the confidence and comfort we want. If you are having a hard time navigating these things in your closet or when you are shopping this is where I can help. I offer a variety of styling and shopping services that will get you out of the cycle you may be in of buying and wearing things that don’t work for you! I can help you learn how to dress your body shape, what colors highlight your natural beauty, and discover just what exactly your personal style is! You can find out more about what I offer by clicking HERE.