Meet Sarah! A Goodwill shopping appointment.

We just can’t get enough of these mamas making change! This summer my calendar has been buzzing with so many thrift personal shopping appointments, and it’s fun every time. Each time I walk into the store and start pulling for a client I get gitty with excitement because no two appointments are alike. Every client has their own story, own style, and own uniqueness that makes my job fun and challenging (in a good way!) Each time I uncover new treasures on the racks and help another woman find her beauty within. My clients always walk away feeling empowered and confident in the looks they try on and the clothes they bring home.

This appointment was especially dear to me because it was with Sarah, one of my very first clients from 7 years ago when I started Fashion Fix! She has always stayed on my mind and heart because she was instrumental in getting this business off the ground. Her encouragement and kind words have always been so valuable to me. It was sweet when we reunited for a shopping appointment just a few weeks ago. I don’t think I’ve ever found so much stuff for a client before! We captured the best of them all and now you get to see what pieces she brought home to give her the wardrobe an update on a budget!

There is always room for more! If you want to book your Goodwill personal shopping appointment find available dates and time here!