More Thrift Shopping, and More Post-Partum

When you hear the stories of my clients’ and why they reached out to Fashion Fix, some of them might sound the same. Women who are post-partum and ready to feel confident in their clothes and their style. If you’ve been there you know. Being pregnant, having babies, and then chasing after tiny humans can create a chaotic state not only in your home but your wardrobe too!

Meet Corissa!

(A Goodwill Personal Shopping Appointment)

Corissa has 2 toddlers that she is running after everyday. Here babies, similar to mine, came very close together! When you have barely recovered from your last pregnancy and you are pregnant again that can feel a little overwhelming. After coming out of that fog she wanted to re-build her wardrobe with pieces that deliver a new and styled look for her everyday life. She started following Fashion Fix on Instagram and instantly connected to my casual and relatable approach to shopping and style. Corissa booked her Goodwill Personal Shopping appointment as soon as she could!

We had so much to talk about and had so much fun together. We ended up being the last people to leave the store for the night! Take a look at her pictures below and see how much great style we found at affordable prices!

So cute and so much joy radiating from her smile! Looking good on the outside can be a small piece of helping you feel good on the inside! Wearing clothes that fit you well, that are comfortable, and deliver style is a game changer.

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