5 Pairs of Denim You Need This Fall


Narrowing this list down to just 5 jeans was a challenge! Crazy right, the denim trends just keep coming and they're obviously not slowing down for fall. This is the best time of the year to update and replace staple pairs of jeans in your closet, but you'll also want to grab a pair with some trend driven details to add some variety and option to your daily wear. 

I hear clients complain and say that they feel like they are wearing the same thing all the time! This can be true, slipping into a rut or routine is so easy when you are looking to keep it quick and simple in the morning. But trust me, having even just one pair of fashion denim in your closet could bring the breath of fresh air you've been looking for!

Trend denim is just as effortless to wear with staple tops like your vneck tees or dressier shirts like a floral blouse [both of which are on the Wardrobe Essential Checklist, and if you haven't downloaded it yet do it here!]

To make it easy and simplified for you I have compiled a short list of the top 5 denim trends for fall that are approachable and comfortable to wear! If wearing detailed denim is new for you picking just one of these 5 styles will be a great place to start!

Cheers - Lindsey


1. Cuffed

This is the pair of jeans you'll want to wear with your cute ankle boots! They offer a great silhouette and length that complements all body shapes and heights. The cuff delivers a relaxed look that is perfect for the weekends with your vneck tee and anorak jacket! Your pictures from apple picking this fall will look fabulous when you're wearing these :) 

This is a great pair from the Gap!


2. Distressed

Distressed denim is the denim that transcends time and style. I have put clients in these jeans from all age ranges that identify anywhere from preppy to boho chic! This trend jean can complete your look no matter if you are going a Saturday morning soccer game or Sunday brunch! You'll love wearing these with your favorite flats or fashion sneakers!

This is a great pair from Couchtown Style!


3. Frayed/Released Hem

If you really want to nail the cool girl look than this is the pair of jeans for you! You can find frayed or released hem jeans in a variety of cuts, fits, and styles. These jeans will put you on the forefront of fall fashion and you'll never look back! Wear these with a great patterned top or even something more casual like a wrap cardigan, no matter what you'll be right on trend and in style! 

This is a great pair from Nordstrom!


4. Embroidered

Embroidered jeans are my most favorite detail in trend denim! I love the different patterns and colors and designs you can find. They add just the right element of surprise to any everyday outfit. This denim is a great way to feel like you are dressed to impress but never trying too hard! 

This is a great pair from Target!


5. Alternative Wash

Alternative wash denim, previously known as colored jeans! When I would style clients and get them to add a pop of color I loved getting them a pair of red, or pink, or even magenta jeans. The days of crazy colored denim is behind us and when you want to get some variety in your denim washes neutral options are the way to go. Black, grey, and olive are just a few of my favorite go-to's! If you're still craving that bold look cobalt is a good one to go with!

This is a great pair from Loft!

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