How to Create Pinterest-Worthy Outfits


Do you scroll through Pinterest and think, 'dang I love that look I wish I could wear that!' Or 'that is so cute, but I could never pull that off!' Or 'I would have never thought to wear that, but it wouldn't look good on me!' Pinterest is filled with an overwhelming amount of style that is both inspirational and intimidating, am I right? Unfortunately plugging pins onto our boards doesn't magically put that style into our closet. I know, I'm disappointed too!

Well I'm here to tell you that there are ways you can get that creative and trend style into your everyday wardrobe, and it's not that hard. Yeah!!! You will be surprised at how simple these tips and tricks are that I've learned from styling clients and my self over the years!

Are you ready? Let's get you the insider information on how to create a Pinterest worthy outfit you can wear today!

Cheers - Lindsey


1. The tiny tuck, a.k.a. the front tuck. If you ever feel shapeless or dull this might just do the trick for you. Not only does it create shape in a look, it's also what gives you that laid back casual cool effortless style you want! And trust me, anybody can do this. I'm a size 20/2X and I do the front tuck all the time!

2. Always accessorize, and specifically with a pendant necklace. Accessories have long been an element that creates a well styled and put together look, but the pendant necklace has taken over trend! These necklaces draw the eye in for a slimming effect and they add style to basic tees and tops!

3. Mix patterns like stripes and floral. I have been coaching my clients on this tip for years! Mixing patterns like this always hits the mark on a cool girl look. If you are trying to find an approachable way to do this I recommend a striped shirt and floral scarf! [Everyone should have those two pieces in their closet and if you don't, you need the Fashion Fix Wardrobe Checklist!]

4. Cuff and ruche your sleeves. I do this on each and everyone of my client all the time with every outfit we put together! Showing a little wrist adds a feminine touch and relaxed look to any top. You will be shock at how much this makes a difference in your style!

5. Layer, layer, and then layer some more. Every complete outfit should have a minimum of 4 pieces. Layers are that finishing touch that can pull it all together for you. Blazers, denim jackets, cardigans, and vests can all save the day to create a styled look!


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